Two Thumbs Up! The apps are great and the idea is really stood out
Reviewer, Mobile App Marketing Thailand
Stunning mobile apps that unique and seasoned well. We hope you enjoy it.
Unique Ringtone™

Unique Ringtone™ is your perfect ringtone maker app

  • Complete essential ringtone features
  • Cool & Unique app design
  • You and your friends are gonna like


✓ Many cool built-in tones ready to use.

✓ Support any kind of ringer and alerts including ringtone, SMS, email, voicemail, Tweeter, Facebook, calendar and reminder.

✓ Import your favorite music from iPod library.

✓ Convert any iTunes music or MP3 file to your own ringtone.

✓ Record your own voice.

✓ Create unlimited tones.

✓ Real Waveform Analysis easy for you to manipulate track.

✓ Duration indicator to see the playing position of the track.

✓ High quality sound converter.

✓ Create max length for ringtone.

✓ Very accurate track selection & manipulation, 0.25 sec. for iPhone, 0.12 sec for iPad.

✓ Very easy iTunes file export.

✓ Email sharing support, share tones to your friends.

✓ See and manage your newly created or tone history in the app library.


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Don’t Smash on White Wall™

Dont Smash on White Wall

Don’t Smash on White Wall™ Challenge yourself with this casual reflex game super addictive.
Climb building and destroy glass in front of you much as possible. Aim and SMASH IT!

Time Attack
- Test your speed, smash the glass as much as you can. Hurry up! time is running out!
- Commercial building: 50 floors
- Low rise: 100 floors
- High rise: 200 floors
- Office building: 300 floors
- Sky scape: 500 floors

- See how far you can go, Time collector!. Pass to the next level to get more additional time, more and more in high level. Can you reach to roofttop?

Blind climb
- Smash as much as possible and stop at 10 seconds. Black crow will hit you if you smash over 10 seconds. (Game will show clock only first 5 seconds. After that, it’s blind climb)

- Don’t stop smash the glass! Time-unlimited mode, play all day-night long until you give up yourself. So addictive! How many glass did you smash? Can you climb to 1,000th floor?

- Challenge your friends with your highest score.
- Leaderboard, see who are no. 1 right now.

- Share your highest score to followers on Facebook and Twitter.

Don’t Smash on White Wall™ Smash on glass!

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